Going up your stairs starting to get you down? There are several options you may want to consider when the thought of going upstairs becomes a burden. Moving out of the home you know, and love can be a costly exercise not to mention the stress of changing your lifestyle and location! Fortunately, there is a much easier solution that is not only an investment in your property but will virtually eliminate using the stairs for good. Altitude Lifts have been helping many of our customers with this exact issue providing several products designed to meet the needs of most people’s budget and site considerations. You would be surprised to know our solutions for multi- level dwellings that are more affordable than you may think. But how much does a home lift cost? Answer, pricing will depend on your home design and what will suit your needs. There are several options to consider, do you require a stairlift, platform lift, compact lift or luxury residential lift, should be the first question to ask. Every site is different and having an expert advise you on what solution fits best with your site can save you thousands. Another consideration is who do you trust to give you the best advice, great service and a safe reliable product. With so many companies to choose from in Australia there can be quite a variance in quality, service and price from one company to another.
A home lift company, for example, may provide you with a residential lift cost in their quotation but not include any site preparation or installation work. There are also many different types of home lifts on the market so home elevator prices and residential lift prices vary depending on the lift and what is involvedin the installation.
The three main home elevators are hydraulic, traction lift or non-hydraulicwhich is what we offer at Compact Home Lifts.
A typical home elevators price for a basic hydraulic home lift, based on a standard installation, is between $40,000 and $50,000.The residential lift cost for a basic traction home elevator, based on a standardinstallation, would be $55,000 plus.
Altitude Lifts have introduced a unique option to the home elevator market – a Non-Hydraulic Home Elevator with an innovative rail design and drive system that requires no supporting wall and no hydraulics or vacuum systems. Our
home elevator plugs straight into a regular power outlet with no additional external power packs.
With a small footprint of less than a square meter, the Compact Lift is a selfsupporting structure that travels on twin rails. When the lift moves up and down, the weight of the structure and the home elevator is carried in compression through the rails and into the floor of the home. Unlike hydraulic or traction lifts, all the mechanics of the Compact residential lift are integrated, out of sight, at the top of lift carriage, making it easy to service. Our home elevator costs, based on a standard installation, are much more affordable starting at around $30,000. For more information on the Altitude Lifts range or to organize an initial consultation, call 1300 84 4427 oremail sales@altitudelifts.com.au

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If there is a power outage does that mean I could get stuck in the lift until the power is restored? Do your lifts have an emergency back up for power cuts?
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Catherine Lowe
January 29, 2019 4:36 pm

Could you please provide prices for all your home lift options as well as the individual dimensions

This is for a new build home

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This is really helpful, thanks.

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June 27, 2019 3:56 pm

Would like some info on price and delivery

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