Essential Stairlift for straight stairs


  • Only 27cm width when folded up!
  • Silent, stable and smooth ride quality
  • Robust and simple product for a trouble-free operation
  • Start delay to prevent sudden movement
  • Battery operated – works during power cut
  • Safety sensors and overspeed govenor

The Essential stairlift is one of the easiest ways to stay in your home and enjoy the freedom of barrier-free living.

Installed on your stairs, in only a few hours, the stairlift carries you smoothly and quietly up a straight flight of stairs. The Essential stairlift is uniquely compact – with the slimmest fold-up dimension on the market at only 27 cm wide – to allow easy access to the stairs when the lift is not in use.

With safety features including a retractable seatbelt, overspeed governor and obstacle sensor system, you can count on your stairlift. Finished in soft white with an unobtrusive design, the Essential blends easily into your home décor.